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TubeMate Old Version Download: TubeMate is a famous YouTube video downloader application designed for the Android platform. The extraordinary feature of TubeMate Old Version is the optional resolution quality with which one could choose from the available format of the video to be downloaded. With each update, TubeMate will bring in new features or will fix up the problem in the existing feature. TubeMate old version is improvised on each update, and one could see noticeable changes. The article gives you details about the TubeMate’s previous releases. Those who are looking forward toward knowing about the history will find it as useful. Get TubeMate older versions features right from here. Know what are the features that were available in the previous versions of TubeMate and also find the flaws in TubeMate’s earlier versions. TubeMate app would have overcome the leaps and bounds like every other app.

TubeMate Old Version

TubeMate Old Version

What is TubeMate App All About?

TubeMate is the popular video downloader app that supports downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other such video streaming sites. It is an Android application from the start and later introduced for other platforms. Those who frequently watch videos and indeed want to download them, then TubeMate is the best choice. The current version of the app has come up with many improvements. You can download any videos of your desired resolution format. Even TubeMate lets you convert the YouTube video into MP3 format. Watch the video and listen to music without an internet connection as TubeMate supports offline viewing. Download multiple files, and you can share it via social media with the latest TubeMate app.

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TubeMate Old Version

Various improvements have been made on the famous YouTube video downloader app in the recent times. The updates each time are some improvisations done. Lots of changes had been done to provide the users with a user-friendly interface. Many features available at present were not a part of the TubeMate old version. At each step, there have been some features added, and bugs were fixed, existing features have got some fresh look and more. From here you will be able to find each stage covered by the TubeMate app all along. Some of them are listed below.

  • TubeMate old version App has only the basic GUI that let its users watch and download videos. Only the basic video formats were available.
  • Later brought options to convert video files into an MP3 file for which it has used its inbuilt audio converter.
  • A Preferences section was designed in TubeMate YouTube Downloader. It is packed with options to customise your downloads and lets you choose to store the temp files, queue up downloads, change the destination folders, etc.
  • There is even a Fast Download mode available that uses multiple connections to make quicker video downloads.
  • The TubeMate’s earlier version used to have a lot of ads attached to it.
  • The initial version of TubeMate app acted like a torrent downloader. It allows multiple downloads to go on in the background. It even allowed for the resumption of a download if there occurs any interruption in the internet connectivity.
  • TubeMate worked based on the speed of your internet connection. So, bigger files had taken longer downloading time.
  • It also provided a choice as to where you wanted to save the video. You had offered an option whether to save it on your device or to your SD card.
  • With TubeMate old version, you are allowed to view videos on from streaming sites, and you could make playlists instead of downloading everything into your device.
  • There is no internal player and the playlist in the previous versions and was brought out in later updates.
  • There was no built-in web browser in the earlier versions of TubeMate, and it means one has to copy and paste the Url of the video into the search bar of TubeMate.
  • Earlier TubeMate will provide you notifications. The video will be auto-detected by the app, and it indicated you with notification that “Your video is detected and ready for downloading.”
  • TubeMate old version lists all the videos you played and detected by the app. You can click on the Download image to move to Download Manager “QUEUE” tab.
  • TubeMate has options to download the videos from the Queue.

The list of points mentioned above was the features of TubeMate old version. However, some of them are available in the latest versions too, and some of them are slightly modified, and few got disappeared due to the new updates. So like all other apps, TubeMate has also crossed many ups and downs. It is to note that each new updates have brought some way of convenience in downloading the videos.

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Screenshots of TubeMate Old Version

TubeMate Old Version

TubeMate Old Version Download

TubeMate Old Version

TubeMate Old Version Download

Hope the information provided is useful to you. Feel free to comment us below in the case of any queries about TubeMate. Thank you.

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